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Crystek Corporation

Crystek Corporation has been providing frequency products since 1958.

Products Offering:

Quartz crystals, XOs (Clock Oscillators), TCXOs Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators), VCOs (Voltage Controlled Oscillators), and VCXOs (Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators). Other products include: PLL (Phase Lock Loop) Synthesizers, Red Box VCOs, RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies, RF Cable Connectors, Bulk RF Coaxial Cable, RF Power Detectors, Filters, Attenuators, DC Blocks, Passive Doublers,
RFPRO (Pocket Reference Oscillators), Connectorized Amplifiers, VCO Evaluation
Boards, and SAW based Clock Oscillators and VCSOs

Aldetec Inc

Aldetec Inc, is a provider of custom Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs) and RF Amplifier equipment for the commercial, military, and space flight industry sectors. Recognized for its expertise, quality, and systems capabilities, Aldetec supplies a broad range of amplifier solutions for aerospace, manned and un manned aerial vehicles(UAV), shipboard applications, radar, airborne satellite communications (SATCOM), and antenna systems (VSAT). Providing complete engineering to support design and manufacturing for complex RF and Mechanical requirements

Products Offering:

Low noise Amplifier, Broadband Amplifier, Limiting Amplifier, High Power Amplifier 8W to 20 W, Up Converter, Down Converter.

American Microwave Corporation

American Microwave Corporation has been a leading supplier of high- performance microwave control components and subsystems to the Défense and commercial electronics markets.

Products Offering:

 RF components that include Solid State Switches from SPST to SP64T Configurations from DC to 40 GHz, Solid State Variable Attenuators30-120 dB from 10MHz to 18 GHz Bandwidth, high performance Detector Logarithmic Video Amplifiers (DLVAs), intricate Integrated Assemblies, and Power Dividers for both commercial and Défense electronics market worldwide.

BAE Systems

BAE Systems offers advanced, high reliability radiation-hardened electronic components, cards, processors, and units have been enabling civil, commercial, and national security space missions.

Products Offering:

 Radiation-hardened Single Board Computers (SBCs) ,Rad-hard Standard Components, SRAM, CRAM, PROM,FPGA, Rad-hard Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs).

dB Control Corp

dB Control Corp. supplies mission-critical, often sole-source, products worldwide to military organizations, as well as to major Defense contractors and commercial manufacturers. dB Control designs and manufactures reliable high-power products

Products Offering:

 High Power TWT Amplifiers (TWTAs), Microwave power modules (MPMs), Transmitters, SSPAs, High- and low-voltage power supplies and modulators for radar, electronic counter measures (ECM) and data link applications, Custom Radio Frequency (RF) Receivers and Sources, RF/Microwave Components and Integrated Microwave Subsystems – PIN Diode Switches, PIN Attenuators, PIN Limiters, DVLA Video products, Custom switch matrixes.

HD Communications Corp

HD Communications Corp. offers an extensive range of products for the RF, Microwave, Communication and Laboratory Test markets.

Products Offering:

Solid State and TWT Amplifiers from 1MHz to 40GHz with Power levels from 0.1 milli Watt 2.5 Kilo Watts. Low Noise Amplifiers, DC Block Amplifiers and Telecom Amplifiers

Honeywell microelectronics

Honeywell microelectronics provide radiation-hardened integrated circuits and technology for aerospace and electrical systems. Our microelectronics were built to increase performance, reduce risks and ensure mission success in space and other radiation-prone environments. Honeywell Ferrite components offer distinct advantages like extremely low loss, fast switching, highly reliable, High Power handling, 30 years heritage

Products Offering:

Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and Foundry, Bus Communications (SERDES, LVDS, RS422), Digital Microprocessors, Memories (SRAM, MRAM), Mixed Signal (ADC, DAC, MUX, more), High Temperature Microelectronics Hi Power Circulator, Load, Ferrite switch, Isolator, switches


A pioneer in power electronics since 1947, IR HI-REL is a leader in high- reliability, radiation-hardened (rad hard) power conversion and RF solutions for extreme environments, such as those found in space, national security programs, and other industries. Our design, operations and quality systems meet and exceed military standards.

Products Offering:

Rad Hard Standard Hermetic MOSFETs, HI-REL EMI Filters, HI-REL IGBT, HI-REL Solid state relays, HI-REL DC-DC convertor, HI-REL Power ICs, HI-REL Schottky’s and Rectifiers, HI-REL Voltage Regulator.


MwT, recognized leader in design, manufacturing, & marketing for commercial , Défense, & space products for RF/Microwave and wireless application.

Products Offering:

GaN based Discrete devices, MMICs, RF Power amplifiers, low noise pHEMT parts, wireless amplifiers, hybrid products, pre-amplifiers are available from DC-26 GHz for commercial, Défense, & space, medical application (MRI coils).


Narda-MITEQ has been serving the Microwave/RF components and subsystems, and SATCOM markets complete line of high- performance broad range of Passive and Active Components, Subsystems, IMAs, SATCOM Solutions, MIL Grade as well as Space borne Components.

Products Offering:

RF Amplifiers, LNA, Mixers, Modulators, Multipliers, Oscillators, Synthesizers, PIN Diode Limiters, PIN Diode switches, Electro Mechanical switches, RF Adaptors, Attenuators, RF Loads, Directional couplers, Isolators, Circulators, Power Dividers, Up/ Down converters etc

Narda ATM

Narda ATM designs, manufactures, supplies and stocks a complete line of Microwave RF components. We offer Coaxial Components, Waveguide Components, Ka- Band Satcom Components, Space Qualified Microwave Components and Microwave Subsystems.

Products Offering:

Rectangular wave guide, Double ridge waveguide, Flange Gaskets, Bias Tees, Flexible waveguide, Waveguide Phase shifters, Arc detectors, Horn Antenna etc.

Omnetics Connector Corporation

Omnetics Connector Corporation is a world-class miniature connector design and manufacturing company with over 30 years of experience, focused on Micro-miniature and Nano-miniature highly reliable electronic connectors and interconnection systems connectors are available in MIL-DTL-32139, MIL-DTL-83513 and Industrial grade, Avionics, Medical, Military & Defence, Petroleum & Space Segments.

Products Offering:

Including Micro- D, Circular, Strip Connectors, Nano-D, Circular, Strip, Coax Connectors, High Speed Connectors, Quick Lock USB 3.0


Pasternack continues its mission to provide the users of RF and Microwave components and assemblies the broadest and deepest selection of products available for same-day shipment worldwide.

Products Offering:

RF Adapters, RF Amplifiers, Attenuators, Assemblies, RF Coax Cables, RF Connector Dust Caps, RF Connector Shorts, Connectors, Couplers, Diplexers, Filters, RF Frequency Multipliers, Synthesizers, Isolators, RF Loads, RF Matching Pads, Mixers, RF Oscillators, RF Phase Shifters, Trimmers, Dividers, RF Signal Power Tappers, Switches, Test and Measurement Solutions, Waveguides & Antennas.


Polarity is a global leader in power systems design and manufacturing. We design and fabricate unique power solutions including SSPAs, TWTAs, TWT power supplies, power converters, and RF test sets. Polarity designs can be found in major electronic warfare (EW), electronic countermeasure (ECM), radar, communication, and test equipment systems worldwide.

Products Offering:

High Voltage Microwave Tube Test Sets, High Voltage Solid State Modulators, Military High Power AC/DC to DC Converters, Tethered Drone, Tethered UAV, High-efficiency transformer-less PV inverters, High Power RF Amplifiers – TWT, Klystron, Magnetron, CFA, Solid State Power Amplifiers, Military Pulsed TWT Amplifiers


Renesas (formerly Intersil) history and experience in the space and Défense industries spans almost seven decades beginning with the founding of Radiation, Inc. in 1950. Today, we continue to support and release new SMD-based, Class V/Q radiation hardened (rad-hard) product. All of our SMD products are MIL PRF-38535/QML compliant and are 100% burned in.

Products Offering:

Rad Hard and Rad Tolerant FPGA Power solutions, (switching regulators, LDO and Sequencers) , Rad Hard GaN Power Solutions (GaN FETS and Drivers), Rad Hard Analog Solution (Current sense amplifiers, Temp sensors ,Mux’s, ADC’s source drivers etc. and Radiation hardened Plastic package Ic’s.

RLC Electronics

RLC Electronics has been the leading designer and manufacturer of high quality, state-of-the-art coaxial switches, band-pass filters, precision attenuators and other transmission line components for the microwave industry. Range of performance exceeds 40 GHz (up to 65 GHz on switches).

Products Offering:

Switches, Filters, Coupler, Power Dividers, Attenuators, Detectors Bias Tees, Terminations, Custom Products, Other Transmission Line Components


Saphyrion is a privately owned research and development company that specializes in the design and development of Space-qualified integrated circuits as well as instruments for GNSS data analysis. Saphyrion is located in Bioggio (near Lugano) southern Switzerland

Products Offering:

GNSS/L RF downconverter, GNSS ADC and PLL, GNSS RF FrontEnd, AD/DA-Converter and PLL, GNSS boards and modules (RD1027)


SEMICOA is a leader in the design and development of bipolar power devices for high reliability military, Défense, aerospace, and space applications. Semicoa constantly expands product, equipment and production capabilities to meet the growing demand of its customers for high reliability and Rad Hard products.


Products Offering:

Bipolar Transistor product offering on the MIL- PRF-19500 Qualified Part List(QPL)(Quality level include JAN,JANTX, JANTXV, JANS and JANSR Levels) and Diodes

Skyworks Aerospace and Defence

Skyworks Aerospace and Defence, provide up screened and hermetically sealed high-reliability optocouplers, RF diodes and RFICs including multi- chip modules (MCM).

Products Offering:

Screening for parts include the equivalent of Class B and Class S of MIL-PRF-38535, Class H and Class K of MIL-PRF-38534,and JANS, JANTX and JANTXV level of MIL-PRF-19500

Teledyne e2v

Teledyne e2v, part of the Teledyne Imaging Group, is a Teledyne Technologies Inc. company. This unique global organization brings an assurance to our people and our customers of equality, diversity, inclusion, longevity, continuity, quality, ethics and integrity that is not easily matched.

Products Offering:

RF Gain blocks, LNA, Power amplifier, Limiters, DSA, RF switches, PLL, Pre-scalers, Mixers, Multiplier, GaN FETS and Drivers, Power PC and ARM based Processors, CBRAM, etc.

Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS)

Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS), single source for RF and Microwave electronics, delivers the world’s most advanced microwave technologies for the aerospace, military, commercial, and industrial applications.

Products Offering:

High Performance 3-to-63-Watt GaN Broadband Amplifiers, GaN based SSPAs up to 12KW power, BAW delay devices, YIG Oscillators, Filters, Frequency synthesizers, Voltage Controlled Oscillators, Detectors and Mixers etc. Teledyne – MEC today continues to be the world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of Communication TWTs, Continuous wave TWTs and Pulsed Radar TWTs.

Teledyne Reynolds

Teledyne Reynolds Inc. leads the connector industry worldwide in the design of High voltage interconnects rated for use at voltages from 5kVDC to 50kVDC at altitudes of 70000 feet (21.34 km) and above while exposed to temperatures as low as -55 C and up to 125 C with some designs even rated for use in Space.

Products Offering:

High Voltage Wires and Cables, single pin and multi- pin High Voltage Connectors and Cable Assemblies, High Voltage Mica capacitors, Spark Gaps, Triggered Spark Gaps and High Voltage Hermetic Connectors.

Teledyne Storm Microwave

Teledyne Storm Microwave, an industry leader in providing advanced RF cable assemblies and interconnect products around the globe, has a long and proud heritage serving defence and telecom markets since 1978.

Products Offering:

Flexible and semi-rigid coax cable assemblies through 50GHz ,these are engineered and stringently tested to meet the most demanding requirements for Low Loss, Phase Stability, Durability. They also offer phase and amplitude matching, armouring / ruggedizing, and custom cable routing. Teledyne Storm Microwave harness products are deployed in defense and space applications where minimal risk of failure and high levels of reliability are an absolute must. These assemblies provide high frequency RF performance, operating upto and above, 40GHz. 

Quantic TRM

Quantic TRM Microwave specializes in the design and manufacture of RF/Microwave components and integrated subsystem assemblies, providing both customized solutions and an extensive catalog of standard parts. We have been serving top defense and space contractors since 1970 by providing expert engineering solutions and highly reliable, innovative products to solve complex challenges.

Products Offering:

Quantic TRM offers a complete series of standard in-phase Power Dividers and Combiners from 2-way to 24-way, in the frequency range of DC-26.5GHz. These devices offer high isolation, low insertion loss, optimal VSWR and impressive power handling capabilities with MIL-E-5400, class3 compliant Connectorized, Flatpack, Drop in and Surface Mount packages.

TTM Technologies

TTM Technologies is global designer and manufacturer of radio frequency (RF) and microwave components and assemblies. One-stop advanced technology and manufacturing services enable customers to shorten the time required to bring their game-changing electronics to market.

Products Offering:

Hybrid microcircuits, motor controls, amplifiers, voltage regulators, radiation hardened electronic components, space and military qualified

Unique broadband systems

Unique broadband systems: UBS continues its tradition of unwavering commitment to research and development of wireless, SATCOM and defence technologies that enables companies, militaries and individuals to achieve reliable communication on earth, in the air and in space

Products Offering:

GaN / GaAs / LDMOS-based High power Amplifiers, Rectangular Waveguides, Double Ridge Waveguides, Arc Detectors etc.

Vanguard Electronics

Vanguard Electronics has been an acknowledged leader in the design and manufacturing of high reliability inductors and transformers for over 60 years.

Products Offering:

RF inductors, RF Transformer, Common & Differential Mode chokes, Filtering inductors, Pulse transformer, Power inductor (Space Grade as per MILSTD-981/QPL 83446)


Werlatone actively pursues the most complex RF applications. We supply the most advanced, High Power Passive Components, Modules, and fully Integrated Sub-System Architectures.

Products Offering:

High Power, broadband RF coaxial components include High Power(Uni, Dual, Bi) Coaxial Directional Couplers, 90 deg Hybrid Couplers, High Power RF Combiners / PowerDividers,180deg Hybrid RF Combiners / Dividers and RF Filters. Frequency ranges from DC to 6 GHz, Power: 5W CW to 100 kW CW. Radial and E-Plane combiner Power meters.